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What are the ingredients used in your soap?

All our soaps are made from 100% pure plant oils and essential oils. Our soaps do not contain any artificial fragrance or colour. 

Are your products organic?

Some of our ingredients are organic but not all of them. However, Symbiosis Care chose to create the most effective products possible using the highest quality of natural and organic ingredients we could find.

Are your soaps and cosmetics palm oil free?

Yes, all our products are palm oil free!

Is Symbiosis Care Eco friendly?

To lower the impact on the environment Symbiosis Care products are made from the highest quality natural ingredients. 
We also chose a packaging that has the lowest impact possible on the environment and tried to select Australian merchants to deliver our packaging, labelling and production supplies whenever we can!

Does you soap contain Lye?

Sodium Hydroxide, also known as Caustic Soda or Lye, is an essential ingredient in the saponification process. 
Sodium hydroxide and plant oils are combined where they react to produce soap. Saponification is completed when all the sodium hydroxide and plant oils have been converted into soap and glycerine. 
At the final stage of saponification, there is no remaining sodium hydroxide in the soap base. Hence, no, there is no sodium hydroxide in our soap bars!

What are the benefits of Symbiosis Care soap bars?

By using only natural ingredient you are getting high quality soaps! Our soaps will make your skin feel moisturised, soft and smooth but will also leave you with a gentle yet incredible smell.